Wednesday, March 31, 2010

I Love You, Now Change...Into This.

For all of its raunchy ramblings, Vice Magazine is one of the most brilliant sources of non-trad fashion stuff in the new age. I love it's endlessly perplexing mix of gross guy humor and intelligent studies in cultural curiosities. One of the latest bits of bestness that's come out of their fashion issue is a portfolio of photos of regular couples dressing their better halves in outfits of their choosing. The before photos show the couples in their own garb, while the after shots feature them rocking wares chosen by their mates with the end goal of sexy in mind. For instance, meet Ashley and Charlie in the clothes they normally wear when they are in charge of their wardrobes:

Now, check them out in the outfits they chose for each other:

She likes how those stripes emphasize his shoulders. He likes how that dress shows her...well, everything.

Here are Max and Elle in their normal gear:

And here are their lover-styled outfits:

He picked out that power suit because she calls the shots in that thing, and she wanted him in his jammies because she likes how baggy clothes hang off of a skinny boy's body.

Here are Crista and Jess before their makeovers:

And here they are after:

That was the first outfit Crista thought Jenn looked super hot in, and Jenn loves a pair of gray pumps with that purple top that she doesn't think Crista wears enough of.

Here are the lessons learned:

1) Everything is sexy to someone.

The next time you think you have to fit some mold of pre-arranged sexiness, think of that guy up there whose girlfriend loves his skinny ass in baggy jammies. Isn't that amazing?

2) You are sexy. Yes, you.

How much does this portfolio show how manufactured most images of sexy are? The brooding, muscled, oiled, long-legged, big boobed archetypes of perfection are not our reality.

What is sexy to you? Do tell...

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