Friday, July 10, 2009

Crew Colors.

I find J.Crew's catalog color spreads to be one of the more soothing things in the retail universe. I swear, they make me dreamy. I love the names as well, but for now I just want to visually feast on the colors...

PS: did you know that there are entire fan-made blogs about J.Crew? J.CrewAholics and J.Crew Aficionada are both dedicated to the "classics with a twist" catalog-based co. I can't figure out if they are marketing ploys created by the company or really fan odes, but either way they are proof that to some boys and girls The Crew is crack. Pretty, pastel, all-lined-up-in-a-row crack. I almost kind of get it. Almost. Kind of.


Leigh said...

Hello there. I just came across your post and just wanted to let you know that my site is completely unaffiliated with J.Crew. Hope you enjoy it!

me melodia said...

Ahhh the Jcrew catalog soothes me too. I love when it comes in.
Even though I never pick anything up it's always such a visual treat.