Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Supermodels On Board.

I've never successfully stepped either on or off a skateboard in my whole life, but I did used to dress like a "skater" in middle school because I crushed on every in-need-of-a-shower boy who rolled by my Manic Panic red headed, converse wearing self as soon as my hormones hit. What can I say? I had a thing for boys who could grind some rails, get some air, and land some ollies. And after watching this footage of Mr. Chris Halsam doing his thing, I think I still do.

I totally dig the roller Jesus look. It makes me want to pray.

Anyways, turns out Halsam--and any other boarder who cares to--can start rolling around on some hot models as soon as they like. Erin Wasson has become the latest babe in a bevy of babes to be featured in nothing but boots and boobs on the boards of Swiss skate supply company Doodah.

Wasson's board body (r) and her backyard ramp (l) as featured in Interview Magazine.

Turns out Erin is more than just pretty board decor, she's a grinder herself. That's a photo (above right) of her LA backyard complete with a skate ramp installed by the local ska8er bois (Whaddup, Avril?!). I can't find any YouTube proof of her heels on wheels, but that doesn't mean it's not out there. I'm going to keep searching and you just watch that video of Chris Halsam again. He's magic. Hot magic.

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