Monday, July 13, 2009

One/One-Thousand: David Sims

David and one of his subjects.

David Sims is British. That makes him preeety cool. He's also a fashion photographer with all the right stuff. His sharp, geometric, linear style is the go-to, bold choice for fashion publications and brands that want editorials or ad campaigns with an edge. He's one of the more distinctive photographers in the fashion realm and his style is super recognizable. Sometimes he gets all full of himself, playing with volume by shooting billowing fabrics on skinny models, but mostly he keeps the angles angular and the posers in quick motion. His shots are often black and white, but his color is captivating and rich. Here's some of his work:

In a fairly recent project for W Magazine Sims photographed French opera singer Alexandra Deshorties mid-aria and wound up with simply gorgeous results that are both moving and in motion. Here is a video of the photoshoot taking place and a selection of the finished product.

It's hard to describe just how beautiful I find these images. I think this project is the perfect pairing of Sims and a subject. There's so much emotion there. And, the fact that Deshorties is not a model makes it somehow more authentic, more genuine. Sometimes W Magazine gets it so right. Sometimes...not so much. But just scroll back up to refocus on the positive.

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Rahul said...

Amazing. Really, the arrangement of the Deshorties photographs makes them even better than they already are, which wouldn't seem possible. You always do the impossible, I hate it.