Friday, July 10, 2009

It's Like Riding A (Dream) Bike.

Couture season always gets me into a built-to-order kind of mood. I start craving customization. I want options and I want to say what goes where and what looks like what. It's just the diva in me. Thanks to Urban Outfitters Bike Shop, I can exorcise a little of that diva demon and wind up with something that will get her some exercise too. Check it out...

You can build your own bike! All the parts have different color options! You can change the color of the front tire, the back tire, both tire rims, your seat, your chain, your handlebars, and your pedal crank. I mean, come on? That's cool, right? Click the pic to make your own colorful creation. It's $399. No sneeze, but an absolute steal compared to this awesome yet $3,200 Benedict Radcliffe Fluoro bike commissioned by Andy Spade for his Partners & Spade concept store.

I saw this crayon-colored two wheeler on the site as a "Vogue's Most Wanted" pick and I was all like, "Damn! That's cool!" then I saw the price and I was all like, "Damn! That's rich gear!" then I remembered the UO Bike Shop and I was all like, "In your face, Vogue!". Ok, not really but I did get rather excited that even high concept, designery, customizable, cool stuff is becoming more and more attainable for the average Joanne. I know $399 isn't pocket change, but it's doable if you save your allowance. Go babysit. Eventually you'll be able to ride your (dream) bike to go babysit.

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