Monday, July 13, 2009

Sonic Boom!

I'm a big 'ol fan of the mere existence of Kim Gordon. While I can't quite claim to follow her career (music and otherwise) too closely, I do have to say that just knowing she is on the Earth, rockin' out for rockin' tomboy mamas everywhere just lets me sleep a little better at night. Sonic Youth headlined my first real-deal rock festival at the very tender age of 13, so they, and their blond frontwoman, instantly achieved mythic status in my mind. Their latest video, for their latest album entitled The Eternal, is for the single "Sacred Trickster" and it's both hilariously lo-fi and quirky fun.

To me this video is what it would look like if the MTA hired Kim and Co. to direct their PSA TV spots for the "If You See Something, Say Something" campaign with an edgy, fashion-heavy vibe. Even though the impeccably dressed, wigged-out girls don't plant their bombs on a train, the idea is still loud and clear. People: If you see something, say something. Otherwise blue stuff might explode on you!

Here's Kim telling about her fashiony side:

I love that she claims she doesn't have great style, and that she's not a musician. That's a big, fat bit of humbleness.

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