Monday, July 20, 2009

Hide the Scissors.

I've been awash in urges to cut my own hair lately. Why, you ask? Because this weekend I ran into one half of my absolutely favorite lesbian, guitar wielding, keyboard-playing, lyric-writing, tattooed, hysterically funny, twin duo Tegan and Sara.

I wasn't sure which one I spotted walking towards me in Central Park on Friday at first, so a "Um, Teegan...or Sara?" got the encounter started in a slightly awkward way. But, Sara (it was Sara) was incredibly cool and handled my geeky fawning so graciously. We talked about good venues in New York City and where they might be playing next time they come around on tour and then she shook my hand and told me to enjoy the rest of my stroll in the Park. She was so sweet. So, anyway I have a nice little summer cold going on and got sucked into watching many a Youtube clip of T&S (Ha! I wrote T&A at first! Freudian slip) while sniffling this weekend. Now I want an assymetrical haircut so badly. And lots-n-lots of tattoos. And flannel shirts. And a twin...

Photos of Tegan and Sara by Lindsey Byrnes.

I usually don't stop celebrities when I spot them in New York. I really don't think that just because I recognize someone it gives me the permission to interupt their day so that I can say later that I met them. But, Tegan and Sara are some of my favorite musicians. Their lyics are so well written and they use them to build songs in this really honest, emotionally raw way. I've cried my little heart out to a bunch of their music when I needed a good, cathartic moment and I've danced my ass off to their other songs when I needed to thrash around a bit. Music like that, that moves you and let's you let go, is such a gift. I wanted to thank her for that, and for being so damn funny. In retrospect, I really wish I would have thanked her for this photo too, which is one of my favorite visual things ever:

It's so simple, but so gorgeous, and it has immitators!

It was just used as a a fleeting photo in a video short, but that's a shot of SNL's Amy Poehler and Casey Wilson donning the duo's signature green stripe.

I don't know if I have the cajones to rock an assymetrical haircut. Maybe I'll source the wig shop the SNL girls used...

Anyways, Tegan and Sara are wonderful. If you don't know them and their music yet, get caught up before their new album, Sainthood (not Thainthood) comes out in October. You can start with this video of the two making the title track of their last CD, The Con. Youtube will lead you through their universe from there...

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