Monday, July 20, 2009

You've Come A Long Way, Baby.

Every time I travel by plane, I spend most of the flight, well, sleeping. When I don't have my eyeballs stowed neatly in their overhead compartments, I'm usually scoping out the flight attendants. Being an avid fan of subcultures and a very curious observer of the human species, I'm particularly partial t0 stealthily spying on flight attendants (Does that sound as creepy as I think it does? It's innocent, I swear!). I think they fascinate me because they hold this very particular place in popular culture. They are so many things at once: They serve food, make sure their "guests" are comfortable with tiny pillows and rough blankets, they calm jangled plane nerves, smile super big, and wear uniforms complete with codes of dress concerning makeup, hair, manicures, and accessorizing. Also, in a "we're going down!" pinch, they should be able to save your life. I'm wrapt by the multi-tasking of it all and have much respect for the flight attendants among us. I have even more respect for them when I watch this 1960s era commercial and see just how much sexism and objectification they have dealt with over the years.

Could you imagine this being the commercial advertising your airline? I mean they are practically offering you her "services" for your next overnight flight. Air strip? Look like a girl? Oh, dear. Thank god for feminism. I wonder what will look this ridiculous in years to come...

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