Monday, July 27, 2009

Universes Collide! Mind=Blown!

Yowza! I just love it when two of my favorite things come together and unexpectedly brighten up my Monday morning. Mr. Robert Longo, who's series of drawings entitled Men In The Cities, is some of my favorite art ever (The dancing/dying drama! The black and white, life or death action! The drawings that look like photos! The movement! The clothes! Ok...I'll stop now...) is featured on The Selby! Yes sir, The Selby, that site that gives proper props to the insides of cool peoples' cool living and working environments. Longo + The Selby= yay. Here's some shots of Mr. Longo's studio.

Oh, how I love The Selby. Sometimes I have to be really careful to check my jealousy (what? I'm not perfect!) at the splash page of the website and just enjoy the sumptuous visuals. When I can do that, I admire Todd Selby's photographic cataloging like no other's. It's so clean and detailed, so lovingly presented, so well arranged. So many superlatives. Lots of love for him and his biznas.

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