Monday, July 06, 2009

Keeping It Teal.

Blue is the new Amber do.

I'm all about this wackiness because the girl has enough confidence to pull it off, put it on, and pull it off again. I've been hungry for some real live frisky fashion players, and Amber Rose is no subtle lover of the game. I'm just really hoping that the blue green baldy is not actually hanging around with Chris Brown. That will automatically discount her from my good graces. For now, I'll admire her for her shocking shade, because I wish I could roll that bold.


Michelle said...

As someone who sports a head of pink and blue hair, I'm biased, but I think it looks HOT! Girls who can wear hair that short and pull it off automatically look great IMO, no matter what color it is...and I love that shade of teal too! I like that lipgloss as well, I think the colors play off each other interestingly.

La_Cindy said...

A male friend of mine dyed his hair just this color in grad school in richmond, va in the late 90's and we went to the mall where people literally hissed at him. the majority of people. i couldn't fathom that anyone would give a shit what color someone else's hair was, but they really, really did.