Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Ain't Life Dandy?

This is what they actually still dress like here. Amazing.

I'm still hanging out in Charleston, SC and besides for the beautifully old architecture, the ever-lit gas lanterns, and the horse-drawn carriages, my favorite thing about this city is the day wear of the city's business men. They are dapper and breezy all at once, donning woven straw hats, bow ties, and lightweight button down shirts. All I can think about is one of my favorite online men's wear purveyors, Fine and Dandy Shop. The boys behind the site would be having a ball down here spotting all of the Southern Gentlemen in their natural habitat; I know I am.

Things every gent needs, and Fine and Dandy sells: a tuxedo shaped flask, handsome handkerchief, burgundy ascot, gold tie clip, and travel shoe shine kit. Click any image to shop The Dandy Shop.

You know the best part? They smile and say things like, "Good morning." and "How are you doin'?" and "Hello there." I love it. If you want to dress the part of the Southern Dandy, or get your man to do so, head on over to Fine and Dandy Shop and stock up on everything you need: tuxedo shaped flasks, straw boater hats, ascots, tie clips, all of it.

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Matt Fox said...

Anna, thanks for the blog love! We can just picture it. Would love for you to snap a photo or two of the authentic southern gents you see for our blog.