Monday, August 31, 2009

Mash Up Commercials Are So Over.

I hate this commercial. I really do. The mash-up style is so overdone and P.Diddy is in it, but I can't hate on the event it's promoting.

Fashion's Night Out to be held on September 10th is a five-boroughs wide event that will encourage every single retailer and every single store in the entire New York area to stay open past their normal bedtimes (11pm!!) and invite everybody to get their shop on! Economic stimulus is at the heart of the matter, but so is fun. I can't wait to see who I bump into after dark. Maybe Mizrahi at Target? Wintour at Kmart? The Olsens at Starbucks? Oh the possibilities. Check out the event's website for more information. Or, do the Twitter thing and follow along to get the lowdown on the highup. Ooooo...Just checked the Twitter feed and apparently Coco Rocha will be doing a performance at DKNY! I'm so there. Need I remind you of her mad skills? Yes? Ok, here:

Man, she gets some air, huh?

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