Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Pretty Black Hole.

A Twitpic of CourtneyLover79.

Following Courtney Love (CourtneyLover79) on Twitter is kind of like slipping into a pretty little black hole. Her world is frantic, frequently updated, un-punctuated, ramble-rousing craziness spiked with fun and lots of girly, gorgeous stuff.

She lets tweeters in on homeade fashion projects, including turning a shawl into a dress in an hour.

Sometimes the ranty mumbo jumbo clears and the Lover passes along a nugget of internet goodness, whether it be a blog, a designer's website, or maybe a really great Etsy seller. Also, I've always been fascinated by Courtney's crazy.

Courtney shares her favorite Etsy sellers and a link to The Moldy Doily, all great stuff.

If not for her unique mix of probably undiagnosed brain stuff and insane genius (I once read an article about her challenging everyone she met to timed NYTimes crossword puzzle contests and winning every time!) the world would be lacking a certain spice, if you will, a certain flavor.

Courtney even tweets about tweeting, or as she refers to it, "Twatting". ha.

Love has always embraced the internet and Twitter has become her new outlet. When a list of 10 tweets in a row pop up from her on my feed, I feel a little assaulted, but usually it hurts so good. Just like Courtney Love should.

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