Tuesday, August 18, 2009

I See You In Pictures.

You can learn a lot about people through their taste in movies. The Sisters Mulleavy, Kate and Laura of Rodarte, were once asked to compile a list of their Top 10 films from The Criterion Collection. A Jean Cocteau version of Beauty and The Beast mingles with Jonathan Demme's Silence of The Lambs and they both share space with a few fine examples of French cinema. It's all very telling and makes me want to rush to update my Netflix list to include the sisters' selections. Their aesthetic is one of my favorites in all of fashion, so I'd trust their taste in films any day. Click the above picture to head on over to the Ladies' entire list. You can even stream some of the trailers for the films right there. Go ahead, go ahead! The Mulleavys are calling! I'm sure they'll pop you some popcorn if you ask nicely.

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