Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Cut It Out. Paste It Up.

Street artist Judith Supine is one of the highlights of any highly graffitied wall in New York. His work is a combination of collages of found images, illustration, painting, enlarging, x-acto work, and some paste. Here, let him (yes, by all visual accounts, Judith is a him) show you how he does it. Now, don't be scared of his face, I think he's wearing little facial feature cutouts to hide his identity. Ok, look:

Mr. Judith often uses found fashion images in his art, but they always come out a little on the disfigured side, which I love. He distorts the pretty to make another kind of animal entirely. Here are some of his other works as shown on Streetsy.com:

In true streetartist fashion, there is quite an aura of mystery around Judith Supine. The only details I could find on the Supine were via a write up in a bit of New Image Art's materials from a group show Supine took part in. It says he couldn't talk until a month after his 17th birthday. Until that time he communicated in grunts, squeaks, and drawings which were fastidiously saved by his mother. Other than that? He live in Brooklyn. That's all we got. You can get a glimpse into his private studio via a piece from Arrested Motion that ran early in the year.

Supine's work in progress via Arrested Motion.

Supine's been bombing the city like crazy lately, doing unprecedented work in the bowels of the sewers and a lake in Central Park.

Supine's pieces in an NYC sewer and a like in Central Park, again via Arrested Motion.

All the extra effort is raising awareness for the artist in anticipation of his upcoming solo show at New Image Art. It's in LA, but I'm sure the internets can provide you with coverage of the amazingness which is sure to come.

Want more Judith Supine? Check out his Flickr photostream.

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