Sunday, August 09, 2009

You Wrestle Like A Girl.

Lipstick and Dynamite was just added to the top of my Netflix queue. It's a documentary about the ladies who jumped in the ring to fight for their right to, well, fight. With scissor kicks, elbow drops, knees to the gut, and corkscrew kicks, the ladies of wrestling in the 1950s stole the show away from the men who'd been doing the job for decades. Their hair pulling, body slamming performances may have been cheesecake fluff to some, but was all business to the ladies. They hurt and got hurt, and kicked and screamed their way through battles for freedom of expression and also champion status.

It's remarkable to me that these ladies were doing this in the 1950s. Regardless of the spectacle (mostly appreciated by salivating men) of their sport, it was a sport just the same. The women were in it to win it no matter just how seriously they were taken. They definitely shattered the image of the Suzy Homemaker wives women were expected to be at the time. Here's the trailer of the 2005 film for a nice look at some great footage of the women doing damage and loving it!

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