Thursday, August 20, 2009

Bullets Full Of Beauty.

A shot from Ellis Faas' portfolio.

Ellis Faas is a makeup artist who truly is worthy of the second half of that term. With collaborations with some of the fashion world's most intriguing photographers--Mario Testino, Peter Lindbergh, Jean Baptiste Mondino--under her brush belt (er, holster), the artist was asked to put together an eponymous line of makeup for the masses. Taking the natural colors of the human body as her pallate, Faas has created an array of makeup that conditions and absorbs into the skin it was colored to flatter. It doesn't sit on top of the face, or gum up, or dry out, or flake off. It's rich with emollient oils that prevent the normal and major mishaps of most makeup. The coolest part? The packaging looks like bullets. Yep, it's badass.

Faas' human body inspired color pallet.

Faas' signature color--blood red.

I'm a sucker for makeup packaging, and I think the entire makeup buying public is. In fact, what largely distinguishes one quality makeup line from the next if not their packaging? I know it's consumerism at its most obvious, but I'm all for that trick of the trade.

Faas' beautiful bullets in theory and reality.

A multi-product carrier mimics the barrel of a gun.

Nice shot, Ellis. Nice.

I love that Faas' tools of pretty wear the design of weapons. And, a red lipstick that's based on the color of blood? How incredibly Femme Fatale. The line is still only in stores in Europe and honestly costs a pretty Euro, but if you want to be cool you can buy it online via the Ellis Faas website. If you don't want to be cool, you don't have to buy it. Be cool. That's all I'm sayin'.

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