Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Your Lips Look Like They're On Fire.

I'm loving Kid A's "wasnotwas" too, too much. It's my red lipstick theme song. It's ringing through my head and setting my lips on fire all day long. Mmmmm, what a song: disco-funk-flip-hop-scratch-sniff-repeat with desire drenched lyrics delivered by a sweet little voice. I like it.

Kid A is Anni T, a 21 year old music super star from Virgina. She's the type of musician I love, a tinkerer with sound making toys and talent. The internet is exploding with the kind of raw talent that used to be on display before PR became the biggest name in the entertainment game and every songstress had to have hair extensions, dance skillz, and a rockin' six-pack. I love the high-tech=lo-fi, DIY time I live in; it's letting lots of talent shine through the cracks in the glitz-n-glam bigmachine's floor boards.

I hate saying things like that and feeling like I'm insulting the people I'm praising for not being hotties-with-bodies. Anni is gorgeous, cool and may very well be a super dancer, but I'm just saying she's not your typical starlet, which I absolutely love. Get it done Kid A, get it done!

Check out Kid A's Myspace page for more info.

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