Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Dancing Shoes.

It's like this, ya see: my inner child is a full-on ballerina. We've already discussed the tutu she wears (remember this behind-the-seams info on the Royal Ballet's tutus?) but we left out the part that made the dancers at my alma mater, Sharon's Studio of Dance, so darn magical. It's those toe shoes! The pointe slippers that gave the leggy creatures I was in awe of the ability to dance on their tippy toes. Witness them in action:

The practical means of how this happened were of no interest to my wee mind at the time, it was too filled with wonderment while I watched the older dance students do their routines from the wings of the recital stage. To me, dancing en pointe was simply a process of magic. Now, I'm more interested in how they are really made. Thank god for the internet! Here's a very satisfying clip from the always fascinating show How It's Made.

Now, go watch that clip about how they make cheese. You'll be strangely intrigued and slightly grossed out. It will not disappoint!

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