Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Back To School.

It's that time of year again, kids! School's back and it's comin' to get ya! That used to be not such wonderful news, but I'm sending you to ReForm School, and you'll love it--I promise!

Reform School is a California-based store that vends items of original art, home decor, clothing, accessories, toys for the kiddies, and little, stuffed hippos.

The store may be the only reform school you'd ever willingly be sent away to, but seeing as how it's in Silverlake, CA it may be hard to get there if your parents aren't eagerly packing your bags and paying your air fare. But, do not fret! Their website is it's own kind of brilliant. It's designed by Also and features the illustrations of the most excellent Julia Rothman.

Set against the backdrop of loose leaf paper (three hole punched for your binder) complete with margin doodles, the site's side bar leads you through your basic high school schedule: Home Ec., Literature, Intro to Sewing--there's even a braggy Student of the Month Club that showcases the MVP's of the creative classes.
The store's founders, Billie and Tootie, ace the assignment of pulling together interesting, aesthetically pleasing, articles of kitschy greatness with a focus on quality and sustainability. There are postcards, prints, bags, Viewmasters, puzzles, soaps, and lots more. They have this aptitude for knowing what you never knew you needed. You need a ceramic Polaroid camera. They know you do. I give them an A+. And, a smiley face sticker. :)

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