Monday, December 14, 2009

Airbrush, With Greatness.

Ah, Jersey love.

The ridiculously enjoyable cheese and trash fest that is Jersey Shore is beyond satisfying for this Jersey Girl. I get a lot of flack for being from the nation's armpit, but I'm a proud Garden State citizen, and I love every unbelievably tacky, great thing about it--including it's Guiodos and Guidettes. Now, I could (if I were so inclined) upload a few pics here that would definitely prove that the Shore culture is nothing new, and that the Guidos have been running this state since I had a curling iron on perma-hot and stonewash wasn't ironic. Rather than risk ultimate embarrassment, I'm going to divert your attention to one of the more fantastic aspects of Jersey Shore culture: The airbrush tee.

If you are lucky, when you hit the boards at Seaside Heights, you'll stumble upon a shirtless brush master handcrafting a Jersey-tastic tee. Then, you think hard and come up with just what you want him to air pump onto cotton. The thing to remember is that beyond being stylin' the tee can be useful. You can profess your love for your mama, your guidette, ODB, or (my favorite) The Lady Gaga.

Junior loves you, Mama.

Nothing says forever in airbrush like dolphins.

Oh, ODB you are missed.

You can have your choice of Tony Montana odes.

You can have your company logo Jers-i-fied. How scared does that cow look? He's about to be processed!

Or, if you're me, you can get yourself a Gaga tee and rock it with all the pride of a real Jersey Girl who actually stayed in Shore houses before orange tans were all the pop rage. Yep.

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