Monday, December 21, 2009

The Ooooooo '00s: Best Fashion Ad

I'm gonna give out some end of the decade awards over the next few days because that's what people with blogs do when a decade ends, right? Although, did anyone have a blog the last time a decade ended? Hmmm, I don't think so. No matter; let the awarding begin!

My award for Best Fashion Ad goes to the team at Marc Jacobs for bagging Victoria Beckham.

The brilliance of this ad is like a million fold. Shot by Juergen Teller for a 2008 campaign, the stark ad threw out the celebrity obsession, literally. The industry's over hyped infatuation and exploitation of the idea of celebrity was at a fever pitch in '08, and Marc was at its flaming hot center. With show delays hitting the two hour mark because of tardy flashbulb seeking fashionistas, Marc caught tons of fed-up flack from editors, writers, and buyers who said "Enough with the celeb ass-kissing, we have a business to run here!" So, in a brilliant message to the masses, Marc took one of his greatest offenders, the preening, pouting, designer-wanabe Victoria Beckham and friggin' bagged her. Those are her over-bronzed legs hanging out of that large shopping bag in those phenomenally quirky sideways heels. Not long after he published this ad, Jacobs took on a new role: as the task master of fashion shows that started at the moment they were called for, and no later. In fact, in his most recent run of shows, Jacobs disinvited any non-essentials--meaning no special celeb guests (well, except for Madonna of course) leaving all the prime seats for the buyers and the business folk. And, in taking these anti-celeb measures Marc garnered even more press. He's smart, that one.

Wow! Congrats Marc, you also win the door prize for most insane tattoos!

You can share it with the M&Ms and Spongs Bob and Cartman and your dog. I know that's a lot of sharing, but that's a lot of tattoos.

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