Sunday, December 06, 2009

How To Tie Your Shoes.

Tight knots: Learn 'em.
I know, you'd think that would be an easy task, right? Most of us learned how to do that back in the pre-k days. I distinctly remember the gratification that came with the first successful tie--I had remembered that whole bunny thing about making an ear and going over a hill and under a something and viola, my shoes were tied! Since that day, when my laces needed tying I was well-equipped for the job, but now? It seems the game has changed.

Kids these days are learning to tie tight knots. Checkerboards, ins-in-outs, no-knots, doubles, and rib cages are all the rage of the cool sneaker set. So, now you don't just learn to put that bunny over and through the loop, you have to play checkers with it. You need help? Youtube's got ya.

Here's how to play checkers with the bunny:

Here's how to get all evil with your shoes:

Here's how to tie with lightning speed:

Here's how to tie with one hand:

And, here's how to tie with no hands:

That just about covers it, doesn't it?

Or, if you are more of a read and learn kind of person, follow the diagrams on this site here. You'll be tied up in no time.

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Natasha said...

Lol! Thanks for the very informative blog, love it!