Monday, December 07, 2009

Can I Get a WAH WAH?

This little invention called the internets makes me feel like London is just down the street, so forgive me if you can't make immediate use of WAH Nails, but I think you should still know about them. Why? Because WAH is the new cool.

WAH is in fact more than a nail salon. It's a movement. There was a zine, there is now a blog with a TV tab and beuty tips. The WAH team is dope. I don't usually use that word, but there is no other word that would be useful here. The girls get it. They love all things empowered and feminine and they are big fans of '90s R&B. (Think TLC and SWV.) The nail salon they opened seems to be getting them a big amount of press. Today the director of the operation, 25 year old Ms. Sharmadean Reid, was photographed for SHOWstudio's 100 Portraits series, snapped by Nick Knight. She rocked it of course. Her tribe of employees are cool girls too, wanna see their work? Of course you do!







A deck.

Matte black.

Double Cs.

Cookie Monster.

How cool is WAH? Very.

All pics from the WAH blog.

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