Thursday, December 17, 2009

Finals Sale.

Finals are winding down and my friends who are enrolled at various institutions of higher learning are starting to emerge from their library/coffee shop study hovels. In honor of this auspicious time known as Winter Break, I'd like to give everyone some good school-related news. Regardless of how you did on finals, as long as you still have a current student ID, you qualify for a discount of 15% at J.Crew. The deal used to be valid on any purchase, but is now solely for use on full priced items (damn you, economy!!!). I know, the Crew can be tough on the wallet, but I've never once heard a complaint about their quality. So, if you have something you are dying to get, or if you have gift shopping to do, then you might as well use your smarts to do it wisely. I mean 15% is nothing to sniff at. It's not the $.02 you get back for reusing your grocery bags. It's enough to make the pricier basics, like tees for $29.50 a little more doable. Now you can have a nice tee and a fancy coffee. Tee and coffee for the old price of a tee. Not bad. Also, the discount extends to educators with IDs too. Get shopping, smarty pants.

And now, to soothe your weary, book-worn eyes, I offer one of my favorite things in life: A few of the J.Crew catalog color assemblages. I've featured these before, but I'm going to do it again.

Ah, your moment of catalog zen.

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