Tuesday, December 08, 2009

In Crease.

Here's something I bet you didn't know: eyelids are a big deal among Asian women. The classic Asian eye has what Asian women refer to as a "single eyelid". In other words, there is no crease to separate the upper and lower eyelid like there are on European (read: white) eyes. White women have "double eyelids", which include a coveted crease. There are all types of beauty treatments on the market to help Asian women achieve the look of a double lid, and some women even go so far as to get surgery to create a crease. The most popular solution for the single eyelid is for Asian girls to wear double sided tape on their lids that causes the skin to stick together and creates a crease. I had no idea this was even a concept until I worked with a few Asian girls at a restaurant and their makeup routine in the bathroom would include sticking tape to their eyes, kind of like this:

I couldn't believe it. It seemed so uncomfortable. It also really made me consider the things women will do for beauty; especially to emulate someone (like a European woman when you are an Asian woman) who looks nothing like them. It's fascinating and a bit unnerving, isn't it?

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