Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The Great Boot Search.

I'm in love with these Banana Republic cement-colored boots. Are they worth a $200 investment? Or do I risk a markdown and get shut out? DILEMA!

I rarely use this blog to complain, but I've gotta get something out. I want to incinerate the entire boot industry and and make them rise again from their own ashes, only this time with affordable, good quality shoes that last! I'm so sick of paying big bucks for boots that have no protection against the snow/salt/sleet/slush that I need them for. Now, I am well aware that there are different classifications of boots: some are water resistant, some are weatherproof, some are none of the above, but I think making a winter boot that is fury and warm and not making them at least watertight is ridiculous. I bought a pair of boots that literally look like I've strapped Eskimos to my calves and they get wet from the bottom up, right through the sole, even in simply damp conditions like walking through a sidewalk cleaning. My shins are real warm but my tootsies are turning to icicles, and they weren't cheap. I call their bull shit!

These cutely detailed grays are $35.00 at Target, but should I really spend another penny on products that won't last?

Listen up Bootmakers, start making practical items that work as good as they look. Start considering your customer and their needs, not just your dollar margins. It backfires on you anyway. I will never buy another pair of shoes from the company that made my fuzzy boots, not even a springy flat, no matter how cute. And, I don't want to pay out my week's budget either. The high quality boots I'm pining after are at least $398. And, I have paid big bucks for boots before that have literally lasted one season and looked chewed up and spit out by the end of it.

These are the Big Kahunas. The Frye boots that I've been pining after. They are a hefty $358.00, but are they worth the investment over time? Damn! If only I was still living at home and waitressing, I could buy those suckers in my sleep. But then I would never get to wear them because I'd be living at home and waitressing...ugh.

I'm at a loss for why there aren't more mid-level options that I don't have to risk life and limb at Leohmann's to procure on sale. Please Booters, I'm begging, send me something warm, wearable, and well-made for about $100. I'll be your best friend!


Satya said...

Celebrities in Avatar getup

Blaire Walsh said...

http://www.zappos.com/chinese-laundry-newbie-grey-suede They have some other grey boots, too.

I looked at the Banana Republic boots in person the other day. I think that out of the three you posted they can be dressed up or down most easily. I thought that the leather was thin and would get very slouchy, though. That might not be a bad thing, but they're not going to look they way they do in the photo forever.

Donna K. said...

Duck Boots! I know they are pricey but if you go to New England EVERY thrift shop has them in EVERY size!

also....hese are what i want to wear

Donna K. said...

Fashionable duck boots! On the cheap!