Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Fetish.

Um, I would love some psychologist's professional opinion on something. All the fine establishments that sell Adult DVDs in this city are decked out for the holidays and they all have sexy Mrs. Claus costumes in the windows. Now, I love Christmas as much as any half Jew who enjoys a big meal and presents with the fam, but I apparently some people really LOVE Christmas. Here, take a look at these get-ups:

Sexy santa-ess (l) and Holly Berry (get it, Halle Berry??) (r).

Some people like to be elves better:

This one is my favorite:

It's A Very Borat Christmas!!!

Boys, you get to dress up too.

Now, I'm no prude and I don't mean to make anyone feel ashamed of their sexy Sanata fantasies, I just can't even begin to imagine any of this not inducing peals of laughter rather than pangs of desire. I'm also endlessly entertained by costume designers' ability to make any theme the sexy whatever. It's hysterical. I blame this particular genre of outfit on the whole go sit on Santa's lap thing. The older I get, the more creeped out I am by the idea.

Wow, did I just put a whole new spin on your Holidays? I hope I didn't ruin anything for you! The only message you have to take from this post is:


I love all y'all faithful readers. You make me happy and I hope this season finds you equally happy.


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Maize said...

Yes, thank you! I am also weirded out and confused by this kind of ho ho ho. Like so: