Friday, December 11, 2009


The ever-brilliant Steven Meisel flips a switch and brings digital technology to the printed page. His latest editorial for Vogue Italia features a paper Twitter feed filled with supermodels in grainy cell phone-like pics. The layout matches the blue bird's site exactly and I had to resist the urge to mouse and click the mag pages.

Meisel's Twitterific layout that features the heavy hitters of modeling: Kristen, Freja, Linda, Hannah, Agy and others.

It's pretty phenomenal and fearless of a photographer who has made his major mark in print to embrace the quick-shot, usually low quality product that the Twitter tech offers. Meisel is a genius of the magazine medium, and even though the medium is dwindling, I'm sure he'll transition nicely. I'll be sad when all of the fashion photos I view glow rather than crinkle, but I'm open to change. I think it's inevitable, and so does Steven Meisel apparently.

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adelaide said...

So awesome!