Friday, December 11, 2009

Tavi Hearts Rodarte.

Tiny fashion blogger Tavi is still the only 13 year old that I'd even consider going back to pre-pubescence to be. I mean, I'd suffer some acne and hormonal insanity if I could redo my tween years as a favored front row fashion show guest or a BFF of The Sisters Mulleavy. Since that's not possible, let's let Tavi do her own thing and give us a taste of the Target line Rodarte is going to drop nationwide Dec 20.

If you are a luck member of the New York Area Residents Club (and you are if you live here) you get to scope the goods at Target's special pre-Holiday event at the Gansevoort entrance to the Highline Park. The event, featuring Rodarte pieces among a selection of other giftable items, kicks off today, December 11 and runs through the 13th from 10am to 8pm. Get there. Maybe the freezing temps will keep the crowds away.

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