Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Glamour is Gross is Gorgeous

As one of the fashion world's favorite visual artists Marilyn Minter is obsessed with glamour and bodies and slick, shiny, color-poppy, giant closeups of dirty, pretty, things. Her latest work is an HD video of models licking sticky sweet substances off of glass surfaces. Tongues make big cameos and so do strands of sticky hair, tips of noses, sucking lips, and regurgitated candies. If an 8-minute film of gorgeous women slurping in and spitting out sugary sweets isn't fashion-related art, I don't know what is. It's gross, it's gorgeous, and it's so Minter. The full length feature will be shown throughout the month of April on a jumbo screen in Times Square. I can't wait to see middle American Spring tourists figure out what exactly the giant swirl of pretty colors is. Mmmmm. Sweet.

Read more about the piece here. Marilyn Minter is represented by Salon 94.

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alexis said...

for the "ok, what the hell IS that" factor, this reminds me of the slow-mo video of boars rummaging and rooting through the grass that played in the MOMA. i can only IMAGINE this on the big - OK, GIANT - screen. yikes ;-)