Friday, March 13, 2009

Mistress, May I?

The runways are cloaked in black this season. Something dark has shown up all over Fashion Week(s). It got me thinking about my first exposure to the darkside which was none other than the mega-glam, goth goddess Elvira: Mistress of the Dark. I was pretty obsessed with her way back in the day. Her and her big hair and her dark makeup and showed a totally different possibility for women and their appeal. She was bossy and brash and I kind of wanted to be her (just for a hot minute after midnight). So, in honor of our second Friday the 13th in a month I offer a behind the scenes look at the life and times of Elvira.

And some bloopers, because they are funny.

Admit it, you still want to be Elvira don't you? Click the images below to get yourself a costume and some fake lashes. Follow the directions below and call it a (wild) night.

May the darkness be with you.

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1 comment:

Beka said...

Elvira is incredible! She's like, a modern-day Morticia Addams, except 80's style. Maybe not modern day.

I remember she was on just about every commercial when we were little.
Great post, doll!