Saturday, March 07, 2009

The Marathon.

I love fashion. I do, but my, oh my, the show season is like an endurance test. My interest in the catwalk shows has slipped a bit. Instead, it is merging into thoughts about how they do it, mostly the models? How the hell do these girls go from show to show to show with all of the extreme make up changes (glitter to grease paint to talc powder to glued-on lashes) and hair switches (wigs to slicked back to teased to super straight to frizzed) without losing their souls, an eye, or clumps of their hair? I mean, I really want to know if there are Fashion Week Season-specific rashes, conditions, or ailments that these girls suffer. Pink eye? Break outs? Scalp burn? I don't wear so much makeup but when I have in my life it was always a pore clogging problem. I really wonder how these girls do it. I bet you there is some kind of great expose, underbelly story to do here. I should get on that...

Photo: Pascal Rosignol/Reuters for The New York Times

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