Monday, March 09, 2009

Skin (surface) Deep.

I'm a lover of tattoos. They are hot. Hot. Hot. Did I say hot? Well, only if they are good. I mean there are so many baaaadddddd tattoos out there. But, when they are good, they are glorious. And hot. I am a commitmentphobe so I don't have any, but if I did get one? It would be hot, and by hot I mean gorgeous, meaningful, well executed, and flatteringly located. Years and years ago I saw a television spot on tattoo genius Anil Gupta. His work is insane. Every genre of tattoo, from the portrait to the sci-fi scene, becomes serious skin art under Gupta's skilled needle. The most incredible examples of his work are tiny little miniature inked versions of artistic masterpieces. His stamp-sized recreations of Renaissance masterworks and Van Gogh canvases are truly pinned-in re-works of art.

My art history dork meter goes way past the red line looking at these. Imagine the possibilities. I'd perhaps have a Hopper on my shoulder, a Monet on the back of the neck? Imagine the amazing things Gupta could do with some of art's best photographs. Now, if I could only wrap my brain around the concept of forever. Until then, I've found a great subsititute.

Dover Publications produces a series of temporary fine art tattoos. For $1.50 you can get a collection of four tiny, commitmentphobic-friendly, press-on tattoo versions of renowned works of art by your favorite artists. I am the proud owner of the Kahlo set, and I tell you they are super-gorgeous.

They are perfect in their impermanence, and they are remarkably well drawn. Now I just need to decide where I want little Frida. How funny would it be to have a Kahlo tramp stamp? See, this is why they shouldn't let me near the real ones...

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