Monday, March 09, 2009

Teach 'Em Right From Wrong.

When I was in grade school my teachers were a hobble mosh of crazy when it came to their wardrobes. Mrs. Van Houten rocked serious knee-high Eskimo fur boots with '70s day dresses. Mrs. Levine wore a different outfit everyday (it was "her thing") but they all defied any answer to the question, "Where the hell did you get that?" My guess was always a garage sale on Planet Former Teacher. Where else? Ms. Bonnet rocked the feathered hair and swishy Umbro shorts requisite for all female gym teachers. Even Ms. Job, the former model, and supposedly chic New Yorker, wore a giant, golden iguana brooch that made us all question her marbles at least once a week. And on and on. There were no stylecons in the hallowed halls of Parsippany's educational buildings. It was a mess. So part of me wants to give this teacher I stumbled across on Flickr an achievement award for her sartorial efforts.

Another part of me wants to call the school board and make sure they know she's photographing herself sort-of-kind-of-maybe-a-little-naughtily (???) in front of the chalkboard. The leftover part of me just wants to answer the questions behind her on the board. I'm a dork. I miss school. What sayeth you, dear readers? Hot for teacher? Mary Kay Letourneau watch? Discuss...

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