Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Floss Like Moss.

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Kate Moss is a stylecon of the first order, highest rank, and greatest import. Her star still shines bright after all of these years, and it's because the girl knows how to use her noggin even better than she knows how to use her good looks. She was born to do what she does, and thank the lucky fashion gods, she decided to do her thang with Top Shop, a reasonably affordable outpost for fashionable finds. Her collection is coming to America peeps, this Thursday, to Broadway and Broome specifically. It's full of Liberty Prints and casual cool rockness. I'm loving the bandanna with two little flower patterns. This is big, like a British invasion of the fashion realm. Yippee. Cheerio. Rubbish bin. Cheeky. Tired and emotional. That's all I've got.

Here are Kate's Liberty Prints, based on classics from the storied fabric design house and reworked by the modesigner for her collection.

Aren't they purdy? Or, ahem, swish? I don't know if that even works...

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