Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Lily in Wonderland

Lily Allen was the reason I gave up the Perez Hilton ghost. His lambasting and evil bashing of her (and tons of other female celebs) left the bad taste of wretchedly mean gossip in my brain and I didn't like it. So I broke the gossip habit, and while I may not know the names of all of the Gossip Girl cast anymore or who he's drawn penises on today, I do feel better about the world and about Lily. I'm a fan of her cute-as-pie spiciness. Her latest video, directed by Nez is a Wonderlandish romp through the doors of a camper to an old estate filled with dancing presents and balloons. I like it. I like her bow and the pastels and her super long hair. It's great escapism with f-bomb sprinkled lyrics. Here's a behind the scenes look:

Also, Lily's version of Straight to Hell by The Clash for the War Child Heroes album is fantastic.

That song has nine lives, huh?

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Beka said...

I love Lily Allen...I mean, I love her. She makes great music, and I love her style. I'm also a big fan of the Wonderland fame, so those two aspects coupled together make a great video. Thanks for posting this! I nearly squealed!