Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Look, Ma! No Bangs!

I love kids. I especially love when they cut their own hair. I used to work with kids and it happens all the time. They always have a very good reason for doing it too. A few tops that I've heard over the years:

1) My bangs were tickling my eyes.
2) I wanted to look like daddy (she had gorgeous long curls).
3) It's beautiful what I did. I look beautiful.

I recently let my friend Fay, who is very talented, cut my bangs for me. It came out great, but the lo-fi experience in her kitchen gave me flashbacks to when I myself chopped off my own ponytail in my mother's bathroom with her scissors. It made perfect sense at the time. I'm sure all of these kids I found on Flickr also had very good reasons for their self-inflicted hair cuts.

Click on the pics to go to the original photos and read the stories behind the cuts. I love the shot of the girl with Elmo. She chopped off a pony tail too. Perfect.


The Cherry Blog said...

hahah this post cracked me up! kids are so awesome, i cant believe anyone would chop off their own pony tail!! x

fay said...

thanks for the mad props!