Thursday, March 19, 2009

Throw Me A Diamond Encrusted Bone

Wow, I fell off the fashion wagon for a moment! I'll claim temporary insanity. Temporary inanity? Yeah, that's it. But I'm back, bitches! Speaking of bitches...Valentino: The Last Emperor takes you behind the scenes of the grand Designing Divo's empire and introduces you to his six pugs. Milton, Monty, Maude, Margo, Maggie, and Molly are Mr. V's constant four-legged companions and six very well-loved pugalicious pugs. See?

Six tooth-brushing, earring-wearing, private jet-flying pugs. I really do think their video makes a great case for begging the reincarnationists for a return trip as a dog. I mean, You just get rubbed all the time and can pee wherever you want, and maybe you get to be the beloved companion of a brilliant fashion designer? That's worth a shot. But, then again I could come back as someone's neurotic little yippie yappy thing. Eeeek. I don't know.

What I do know is that the lovely people behind the Valentino doc want you to show off your pugs. Is your smoosh-faced, snorting, little, part-piggy dog glamorous? If so, you can enter a snazzy photo of the diggity doggy all done-up and possibly win high-fashion pup decorations from House of Dog. Here's some of the competition:

My dogster (dog sister) Lucy the Pug is cute, but I think she snores a little too much to count as glam.

I love her. Loooove her. If she didn't live so far away I'd dress her up in a tutu and get her in. Actually, I may make a special trip to get that done. I'll let you know how it goes! If you want to enter your piggy in the contest, follow this link. Buona fortuna!

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Beka said...

Aww! So cute! I want a pug! Adorable! Those are six of the luckiest dogs on the planet!