Sunday, March 29, 2009

March Plaidness.

Spring weather is finally here, and my feet are so ready for some non-boot shoes. Long, cold winters may make for a painful transition from cold-weather foot gear to sunshiny flats and flip flops, but the pain is worth the fancy freedom of warm weather's more footloose styles. My feet's current dance card is filled with Springy choices in light, plaid patterns. I'm loving all sorts of slides and sneaks in plaid for sunny weather. Here are a few that your feet might want to dance with too:

Even if it isn't sunny, my feet'll be radiating sweetness. That's how I like to roll, or walk as the case may be. You want some of the sunshine too, don't you? Well, you just go ahead and click any of the pics and get 'em. Do it! Your feet will love you. The mary janes are only $16. Happy!

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