Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Remember That? Madonna and Kurt

So, suddenly I'm a smidge under the weather. My throat is a little unlikable today and in the absence of television (or a cute, non-germaphobe cuddle buddy), I've been letting You Tube keep me company in bed. We've both got our jammies on, it's really something to see. We are quite the pair. And, we've stumbled upon great old videos of another dynamic duo: Kurt Loder and Madonna. When I was young enough to watch them for the first time, these Madonna and Kurt interviews/specials were so fascinating simply because they well, involved Madonna and all of her mystic, legendary glory. Now that I'm old enough to be watching them at least 10 (holy crap!) years after the fact, I'm struck by a few new things. First, Madonna was effing awesome. Let's just get that out of the way right now. She was at the top of her game in every way about 10 to 15 years ago. Second, Kurt is so cutely nervous around the big M; he's got his hands in his pockets and keeps avoiding declarative statements and eye contact. You can tell he fears that Madonna will suddenly transform into the Mad Beast and bite his head off. She knows he's afraid too. Yet, his unassuming, non-threatening nature renders him charming and gets him through the door where other slithery journalists would never be aloud, namely her dressing rooms and recording studios. It's great access and there are great moments to be cherished in both of the specials below. My favorite for eye candy purposes is No Bull which goes behind the scenes of the making of the still stunning Take a Bow video in Randa, Spain. I love that video and Madonna looks phenomenally glam in platinum blonde tresses and red lips and major cleavage enhancing underthings. At one point in her dressing room Kurt actually asks her if her boobs have names. Then at the end she tells him to get a real job. It's priceless. Here is part 1:

You want more? Part 2, part 3, part 4, part 5.

The Ultra Sound special about the Ray of Light album is great documentation of a time in Madonna's life and career where she was letting herself be vulnerable. There she is sans makeup, so gorgeous and natural with big smiles and joking around and being sweet in a way that seems so uncharacteristic. She's letting Kurt hear unfinshed tracks, and talking to him about her new-found study of the Kabbalah. She was still teaching us all these new things then. Do you take yoga at your local gym? Thank the Madonna of this era for that. She looks so gorgeous in this piece, so natural. Kurt is still awkward, but that's why we (and she) loved him. Check it:

Here's the other two parts: Part 2, Part 3.
Old Madonna is a panacea. No kidding.

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