Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Granny's Got Ya Covered!

Ok, so if you live anywhere on the east coast, you know that winter still has some of its cold sting left. If you are anything like me, by this point in the season you've lost your favorite winter accouterments on subways, in public restrooms, or Forever 21 (damn, I loved those gloves!). With temperatures still requiring some extra insulating layers, you may want to call Grandma and have her knit you something special. What's that? You don't have a Grandma (R.I.P., Grans)? Or, your's doesn't knit? Well, have no fear! You can borrow a knitting Nana from the good folks over at GoldenHook. Meet your matriarchal choices:

Aren't they something? So, you get to choose what your hat will look like, from the color and shape to the number of stripes and material, and then you get to choose the Grandma who will knit it for you! Simone, Lydia, Salima, Colette, Elisabeth, and Sarah are the talented stitchers who will hand knit your hat and even sew in a personalized label for you. I love this idea. Here's some of the finished products:

Some of the Grandma's are French. Maybe the hats will smell like home baked cookies, and rose perfume when they arrive.

Photos from the GoldenHook website.
Thanks for the tip Jenny!

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SnakeCharmer said...

hahaha my mum is a great knitter, I'm lucky she's always up to knit all the crazy things I come up to...like giant multicolored ponchos, naughty doll dresses and fringed vests...I can perfectly picture her on that goldenhook website :)
I love your blog, actually I've spent a couple of hours today browsing through your posts...talk about blog stalking :)
greetings from chile!