Thursday, March 05, 2009

Raf Makes Me Dream of Real Life.

Raf Simons is a designer who's work makes fashion artistically relevant. (Yeah, he's one of those.) Yet, he denies being an artist. According to him he's simply a fashion designer, that's it. But of course with his mind and skill, his role as a fashion designer elevates the title to top artistic potential. It's a back and forth. His clothes tend to be the same way. One step forward into the area of fashion as conceptual, wearable art, and one foot firmly on the solid ground of real-life, working women. That makes his collections a win-win with something for everyone. Some of the dresses and pieces in his latest Fall RTW collection for Jil Sander were gorgeous, molded, peaked, color-flashing garments, and some were clear palate cleanser ensembles with smooth lines, easy shades, and lots of wearability. It was deft. It made sense and created newness. Watch Suzy Menkes make an excellent assessment of the collection while talking to the camera-shy Simons AND rocking her signature hair puff.

Love it.

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