Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Cheap Thrill: Danny Roberts Prints.

Danny Roberts' fashion illustration is the kind of thing that makes magazines everywhere worth buying. They are the kind of magazine art that I would normally carefully separate from the glue binding of the major monthly mag, trim up, and give prime position on my four walls with a tack.

It turns out that I don't have to tear and trim the flimsy magazine paper. Roberts sells prints of his illustrations online. And, he signs and number them--perfect keepsakes. They mostly come in two sizes, a 9x13 print for about $100, or an 8x11 print for...wait for it...$20! A Jackson for a high quality, signed and numbered, archival print of a very talented, nationally published fashion illustrator's work? That's a deal of beauty.

If your walls need some dressing up, or if you know a friend (are we friends? I think we are!!! ;)) who is in love with fashion and pretty pictures, your gift is set.

You can peruse Danny's brilliant work on his site Igor + Andre, and you can purchase it through his Etsy Shop, The Danny Roberts Art Store. You can also pick up Danny's work wherever Harajuku Lovers bags are sold. This piece of work will cost you a bit more than $20, but you'll be able to carry it around and put things in it.

And now, for fun, you can watch Mr. Roberts draw a self portrait in time lapse. Why not, right?

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Igor+andré said...

Oh wow thank you so much!~ :)