Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Get Yourself An Education.

Halloween Drag Queens from New York's annual parade.

Halloween in New York is Drag Queen Day. It just is. The Girls come out to show off all their glory to fellow drag queens, gawking tourists, and slightly befuddled children of all ages.

Oops, that's not a Drag Queen, just Christina Aguilera going about her business.

Their theatrical makeup is the pride of their glory, and if you've ever wondered just what goes into their powder room routine as I have, here's a soup to hiding the nuts makeup tutorial on the ins and outs of a drag face. Granted this lovely (real) lady doesn't have to contend with stubble or anatomy issues, but her color techniques are top notch and fascinating and oh so thorough.

How much do you love the last seconds of that vid where her roommate comes home and stumbles upon her in dragness. Awesome, indeed. I think I'm going to go as a Drag Princess next Halloween. Yep, Anna, Queen of The Desert.

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