Monday, November 30, 2009

Straight To The Heart.

Rodarte for Target. Rodarte for Target. Rodarte for Target. Rodarte for Target!

Ah, the diffusion line gods have answered my unyielding prayers for Rodarte frocks that I can afford. I must admit that my excitement for Target collabo's has ended in dashed hopes for cool gear before, so I'm approaching this seeming godsend with a little hesitation. But, I can't help be quite excited--especially when a small pic of one of the dresses in a mag I leafed through looked so darn cute and was labeled as $39.99.

A blurry, leaked photo (l) of the $40 Rodarte for Target dress I spotted in the mag (r) this week.

Let's just be excited for now and leave the disappointment for later, k? That's the only way life can work sometimes. The collection hits Target locations and the Interwebs on December 20.

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