Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Remember That? Ma-ma-ma-my Sharona!

I just recently caught an airing of Reality Bites on HBO while at the 'rents house (remember that? 'rents??? Ha.), and never has a film so transformed for me over time. The jokes, life experiences, heartache, and sex stuff that were so over my head when I was a tween, were so right-on now.

Besides for reigniting a flame of serious envy over Winona Ryder's cute waifishness, and a super strong crush on the normally unappealing Ethan Hawke in the role of Troy, the keeper of the "den of slack," I was reminded of my intense like of Janeane Garafolo's alt-girl funny, and I was surprisingly more sympathetic to Ben Stiller's character; he was so responsible and grown up and even a lil cute. The one thing that remained extremely constant was my affinity for the scene in which the film's central foursome rock out at the Food Mart to The Knack's "My Sharona."

I love it. I love Winona's vest, Janeane's only-in-the-early-'90s shorty-short bangs, and the surly, stern cashier. A bonus second that I never realized? When Winona lets out a "Woo!" at the 0:54 mark and quickly quiets herself because she just got yelled at by the surly, stern guy. This actually makes me long for the days when I thought gas station attendant shirts and flannel button downs were the apex of modern cool. Now they are nostalgic notes of a time 15 years past.

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