Friday, November 20, 2009

He Works It, You Watch.

Gareth Pugh is constructing a garment live from Somerset House n-n-n-now, and you get to watch him work his couture-style magic via SHOWstudio. For anyone who ever wondered why high fashion costs the prices it does, watch the man work and tell me it's not the same exact process as an fine artist in his studio. There are rulers and x-acto knives, paper templates, pencil marks, all laid out on the work table. It's beautiful to watch. If you can't tune in today, you'll have another chance on Monday and Tuesday. Also, you can ask Gareth questions as he sews.

Click the image to go to the live feed of Gareth in his element.

Just for a second, my dear fashion fans, I want you to consider how lucky we are to be in the age of live feeds. We are literally watching over the shoulder of a top designer as he utilizes his hard-earned techniques in plain view. Forget about being a fashion fan, all of you design students out there, SHOWstudio's Somerset House is your new university. Watch carefully!

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