Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Fashion's Been Bailed Out.

Beyonce and Gaga are fashion's emergency stimulus act. Their fierceness has revitalized the industry this year, I must say. Beyonce's heavy Gareth Pugh and Christopher Kane infatuation are bested only by Gaga's intense love of the avant whore look. It's all just the shot that the glossed over, styl-ed out world of celeb fashion needed. How much of this translates into clothes you will wear in your day? Slim to none. Instead, the risky energy of these ladies' choices permeates the air with freaky possibilities and stretches the limits for you. It's a legacy thing. You'll get it in a few years. For now, just watch them get it done.

Love this video. It's directed by the amazing Hype Williams. Click any still to watch the video. Yowza.

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