Thursday, November 05, 2009

Get Graphic With Ashkahn.

Ashkahn puts the graphic in graphic designer, and then he takes it back out. I mean, you would think a tote bag featuring the evolution of the muff would be shockingly inappropriate for public use, right? But the funny sketch on the side of a canvas carry-all is rendered gentle enough to be almost, well, cute.

What? I mean I think it's cute. Ok, if you don't like the idea of muffs on your accessories, maybe you'd rather sport a triple-decker hamburger or a Nina Simone print on a tee?

Either way, you should totally consider signing up for the Ashkahn fan club, where among other things (mainly cache and clout) you will receive this lovely, personalized, autographed headshot from the artist:

Totally worth the $2 fee and the SASE he asks of you. Totally.

Click any image for ordering information.

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